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A Training Framework

Intellectual Output 3 is an educational frame that shapes innovative training programmes which use a range of art practices. The training will use art for health workers' well-being and the development of their emotional competences. Via this, we expect improved potential outcomes for people in addiction and recovery.

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The educational frame presents objectives and suggests a variety of content, methodical approaches and assessment tools that guide the development of detailed training plans (our Intellectual Output 4, national training plans).

The frame delivers guidance for keeping an overall common approach. It allows starting from our overall concepts and selection of tools and approaches to organise learning in line with the needs at national, regional and local levels.

The document provides general strategies on how to make an art focused successful from pedagogical and didactical viewpoints.

It has evolved via ongoing  input from the partners and external sources. A summary document is available HERE.

We invite you to read and use this interim version and to contribute within our Community of Practice with your comments and experiences to its further development. *

Intellectual Output 4, the training guide, will provide examples of tools and approaches in a concrete training implementation guidance.

* Open a copy of the Training framework HERE. You can add comments directly in the document to support our work.