“Recovery is a creative act. An addict must imagine the change - the story to move into.” 
        Miggy Angel, Do or Die Poets

The Recoverist Manifesto

The Art & Social Change project is about developing stronger connections amongst the network of people with expertise in addiction and recovery -- with a special interest in developing an interdisciplinary "community of practice."

This community of practice is fostering collaborations between organisations and individuals committed to exploring arts based approaches to addiction and improvement of social interaction of healthcare workers dealing with recoverists across Europe. We aim to create more interaction, more learning from one another, more connections between practitioners, and interest more people in this realm of work.

Our Facebook page is a mechanism to create interactions between people interested in Art and Social Change, and promote the flow of information and knowledge about our areas of practice. At last count we had posted around 500 stories related to this area of work , and over 6000 people engaging with these. We encourage you to share your stories here too.

In the process of our research we created guidance on a good facebook story which you might use to develop a community of practice for your specific purpose.

Our Podcast series is another mechanism. Four podcasts explore the use of the arts in addiction and recovery from the perspectives of health care professionals, front line service providers, artists, and in the context of public policy.

Our blog features personal pieces from the project team that are reflections on the experience as we undertook our work.

Dissemination events in Italy, Lithuania and the UK were another opportunity to spread the learning to a larger group of stakeholders.

Our work has identified a wide range of people and organisations using art in addiction and recovery, as well as those researching and evidencing the impact to create a community of practice. We want people and projects in this area to become better connected.