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Pilot Training in Italy


In small steps. Exactly in step one. Thus begins the first Italian workshop of the European project " Art & Social Change: Recoverism International"dedicated to the magic of the shadow and the animation. Intended for social health professionals - 16 among psychiatrists, nurses, educators, psychologists and pedagogues-, it will be the first chapter of a story composed of four episodes (Shadow, Destruction, Possibilities and transformation), which will take place, for the first time, at the “Eco Museo del Mare di Palermo” Mare Memoria Viva ( from the 24th to 26th of January). This chapter (workshop) will be “animated” by the artist Nico Bonomolo, who, starting from the idea of his last and extraordinary film "Confino".

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What is our limit idea? What are the patterns we tend to repeat? Can we overcome them? From 14 to 16 February, at the GAM in Palermo, Loredana Longo conducted the workshop for the European project Art & and Social Change, as part of the first Round of the Italian training plan. As usual, the artist will show how every transformation comes from destruction. That we are all tied to the past, to material things, we already know. But how can we be free from some dysfunctional pieces of our history? Armed with wallpaper, a pencil and a cutter, and with the help of fire, he will invite the group to trace and engrave the personal limit of each person as an inlay on paper and to abandon everything that holds us back and brakes. An exercise of creativity and lightness. (written by Elisa Fulco)

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