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Pilot Training in Italy

On 25 January 2019 at Villa Zito in Palermo, Italy, the Italian partners co-hosted an event to share theirlearning from this project. In addition to presentations, artist  Enrica Borghi led an art based activity to offer participants experiential learning, as this has been the primary methodology of the project.

The Italian Training Plan included the greatest overall number of days of workshops, including three rounds of training in Palermo and two rounds of training in Miasino and Novara

In Palermo,

In Miasino,
A session was held: 23 November 2018, Villa Nigra Miasino with Enrica Borghi

In Novara,
A session was held 11 January 2019, Castello Visconteo-sforzesco with Enrica Borghi



The first Italian workshop of the European project was dedicated to the magic of shadow and animation.  

The Italian programme was structured as four chapters of a story: Shadow, Destruction, Possibilities and Transformation - and the artists selected to work with these stages of the story. 

The first chapter took place at the “Eco Museo del Mare di PalermoMare Memoria Viva ( from the 24th to 26th of January). This chapter (workshop) was “animated” by the artist Nico Bonomolo, starting from the idea of his extraordinary film "Confino".

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What is our limit idea? What are the patterns we tend to repeat? Can we overcome them? From 14 to 16 February, at the GAM in PalermoLoredana Longo led a workshop, as part of the first Round of the Italian training plan. The artist demonstrated how every transformation comes from destruction. The artist demonstrated that we are all tied to the past, to material things, to what we already know. But how can we be free from some dysfunctional pieces of our history? Armed with wallpaper, a pencil and a cutter, and with the help of fire, she invited the group to trace and engrave the personal limit of each person as an inlay on paper and to abandon everything that holds us back and breaks. An exercise of creativity and lightness. 

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See documents from learner learner Maria Giovanna about these artists' workshops here:

Observer Evaluation 


"Delirious, get out of the furrow". From 23 to 25 May, in the ZAC space of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa di Palermo, the artist Sandrine Nicoletta conducted the third workshop of the European project Art & Social Change: Recoverism International, dedicated to the theme of "possibility" & " deviation" as an opportunity for change. Social health workers were paired with recoverists. 

The experience involved knowing oneself as human, renouncing the professional roles and the safe distance between "healthy and" sick. "After all, as the artist suggests in many of his works, we are all on the same boat.


Keywords: game, experiment, from waste to value.

The idea behind this training was to transform what is commonly considered waste into something precious and increase recoverists' confidence in their abilities.

The artist Enrica Borghi, who works mainly with plastic waste, gave freedom to experiment, to transform waste and give it a new identity through the reduction in fragments, the meticulous cut, the union of several elements.

The participants worked with plastic bottles and transformed it into art objects, jewels, musical instruments.

The introduction of the themes “game” and “fun” created a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone could feel at ease.

After the shadow of Nico Bonomolo, the destruction with Loredana Longo, possibility with Sandrine Nicoletta,  it's time for transformation. Artist Anne-Clémence de Grolée, from 3 to 5 October, at the Ibervillea plant nursery in Palermo guided workshop participants in the creation of an installation of personal and collective memories, using drawing and clay, to model and create totemic masks and figures. 

It will be about staging what we are, or that we think of each other to be, letting ourselves be inspired by the myth of Janus Bifronte. It's not about changing, a word that scares, but of reusing what we have learned, of differently assembling the many experiences, of giving meaning and direction to our own progress. Not unlike the hero, who returns back to the starting point to go forward, adopting a new point of view. A second life is always possible. When the stories work they continue their journey. 


Keywords: cooperation, collaboration, communication.

The main objective of this training was create cooperation, good communication between people and a relaxed atmosphere through the creation of the artwork Mandala,  which is based on the principles of symmetry and specularity.  

Mandala is a kind of artwork which requires cooperation. The participants have to work in the same way in order to maintain symmetry and specularity. Communication is therefore essential to get a good job.

All the participants sat on the ground in a circle, working together in a relaxed way and arranging with each other in order to create the Mandala. This kind of work requires concentration, calm and a good communication between people.