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Arts & Health South West is a partner in the Art & Social Change Project and has produced this special podcast series exploring the work, expertise, and stories of the people doing this work, and what the research is showing the arts & health sector.

In episode 1 we speak to Nuccia Cammara and Dr Theo Stickley about the use of the arts in healthcare settings and in working with people in addiction and recovery, and also about healthcare worker burnout.

Nuccia Cammara's work as a social worker in addiction contexts in Sicily, Italy is a foundation to the Art & Social Change project. She is an addiction worker, but she is also an artist.

In episode 2 we speak with three artists involved with the project: Arturas Dubaka (Lithuania), Giorgio Caione (Italy), and Kate Lodge McCoy (UK). 

Small Performance Adventures: smallperformanceadventures.com
'The Washing Up': smallperformanceadventures.com/the-washi…-project/
Cascade Creative Recovery: www.cascadecreativerecovery.org 
Portraits of Recovery: www.portraitsofrecovery.org.uk
Bristol Drugs Project: www.bdp.org.uk
Fallen Angels Dance Theatre: www.fallenangelsdancetheatre.co.uk
The Recoverist Manifesto: issuu.com/artsforhealth/docs/rm_online_version

Mano Guru restaurant: www.manoguru.lt

In episode 3 we speak with representatives of 'recovery cafes' in Lithuania and the UK to learn about what these venues are and why they are important to addiction and recovery. Joining us are Agne Bykova from Mano Guru, in Vilnius Lithuania and Pete Davies, from Cascade Creative Recovery in Brighton in England.


Mano Guru 
- Email address info@manoguru.lt - they are really searching for partners willing to change best practice, and to hear from other people. Please write to them. 
- Mano Guru can be found at Vilniaus g. 22, Labdarių gatvė 1, Vilnius 01402, Lithuania

Cascade Creative Recovery 
- Website www.cascadecreativerecovery.org
- Facebook page www.facebook.com/CascadeCreativeR…overy/?ref=br_rs
- Instagram www.instagram.com/cascadecreativerecovery/
- Cascade Coffee Shop can be found at 24 Baker St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4JN

Also mentioned:
- Portraits of Recovery (PORe), Manchester UK: www.portraitsofrecovery.org.uk
- The UK Recovery Declaration of Rights: www.facesandvoicesofrecoveryuk.org/uk-reco…rights/

For case studies from the Art & Social Change project’s training programmes, and a range of other resources for more information about the use of art in addiction, recovery, and to combat healthworker burn-out at www.artandsocialchange.eu