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A participant's experience: Stacey

posted 22 Nov 2018, 01:49 by Art & Social Change

One day I had a call from my group leader at CGI, asking me if I would like to participate in a three-day workshop that would introduce me to creative ways to help people in recovery. As a creative person who has used creativity as a way of helping me in my recovery, and having empathy for others in recovery, I said a big yes!

I went along on the day feeling excited but a little apprehensive, because I was alone and knew no one. Then I was greeted by Kate and Christy, two of the most hospitable people I have had the privilege to meet. Then we were introduced to an art long since forgotten, the art of game play (not the game play with computers!), good old-fashioned communication game play. We were actually talking and really getting to know each other in a way that we left behind in childhood, resurrected for the good of all us u. I call Kate and Christy the queens of icebreakers. As I got into enjoying game play, I felt truly settled and part of a bigger thing, togetherness and unity. We were then able to watch a video Wonderland about how art was helping and teaching others, a very interesting and inspiring recording. We were then introduced to creative exercises using objects, movement, creative writing, pictures, storytelling as a child through play, resurrecting what we were before substances took hold. Then it was up to us to create our own presentations, using our new skills and learning from each other. Of course, it was all very intensive but in a good way. We were making long lasting friendships, learning about opportunities and things we can do to keep the momentum going. Wonderful new opportunities were made available to me. I would recommend this course to everyone, and anyone.

It was a fabulous opportunity to showcase our skills in a safe space where everyone and anyone is accepted. Afterwards I felt refreshed and renewed, but a little flat, as I enjoyed every part so so much. Never before have I felt such a part of something quite wonderful. The support and encouragement of Kate and Christy is second to none. I was very reassured by their support. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Stacey Griffiths