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A Participants Perspective: Dinata

posted 17 Dec 2018, 06:52 by Art & Social Change

On May 5 the second stage of the training „Art, Burnout Syndrome Prevention and Social Change“ was completed. The training was targeted at health care professionals working with persons recovering from addictions or having addictions.

We want to share reflexions of Dinata Ona Čepulionytė, a participant who took part in both stages of the training.

Reflexions after the first training stage:

„Looking back at the training, I want to focus on three aspects: content, experience and feelings. As I started the training without any special expectations or biases - was totally open to everything – I cannot say that I got too much or too little of something. I feel pleased that I had an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with teachers who, as I noticed, tried very sincerely to share their experience and teach us the most important things which help to look at problems from a distance, or as if we were in somebody else‘s shoes. I value the experience I gained which, I believe, will be of use even in the least expected situations. Hoping to get a double joy I certainly intend to apply artistic tasks that gave me only positive emotions in my work with a group. I feel like I have gained a lot, understood a lot and ... eager to learn even more! So, I do believe that this training has opened a chest of treasures, and I took some light from it which I am going to share with others in my job.”

Reflexions after the second training stage:

“If you ask me why I came to the second stage, I will say just one thing – because of the community. The community which immerged during the first stage of the training, that special bonding with the trainers is actually very strong. I felt that I must come and meet them again. I felt a desire to share, a desire to give. I noticed that we acted like a support group: we were united by the same goal that we wanted to achieve and a wish to discuss how we feel on that way. That is why, perhaps, we had plenty of reflexions. I believe during the training we strengthened bonds with each other as well as with ourselves. And that bond with yourself is necessary to understand that you need to stop and breathe in. Once you do that, everyday life gains new colors. I think it is absolutely relevant in our job: sometimes all you need is to pause, and then your relationship with yourself and with others becomes right: effective, curing and meaningful.”

Dinata Čepulionytė