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Photography as an opportunity to cope with burnout at work for health sector professionals: Theory & practise

posted 30 Oct 2018, 06:19 by Art & Social Change

Lithuanian pilot Round II
by Orinta Labutyte

Today photography is closer to us like never before, because almost each of us have a smart phone or at least a phone with camera. It provides an opportunity to see to the things through different perspective and to develop your creativity and personal skills.

It has been proven, that various creativity processes, art therapy helps to improve emotional wellness. Photography is one of the best ways to relax and to forget all troubles because to make a picture (not necessarily the best one), you have to see, organize the picture in your head, how you want it to be and there is no time to think about anything else, except about your own picture. Learning to be patient, to see details, light, composition, starting a creation process. By using camera person develops not only creativity, but also practising mindfulness, which reduces stress and helps to "re-charge" yourself and to look to the circumstances, difficult situation from another point of view. For many it can be even self-realisation process.

At the beginning, I asked each participants to introduce and to tell if they have or had any touch with photography. It was very interesting to see shining eyes, sincere smile while some of participants were sharing their experience in photography since childhood, but never tried it seriously being an adult. I was very happy to see curious looks and being asked various questions and opinion about one or another picture. I saw that my comments and encouragement made this lecture participants more self confident in photography and more knowlidgeable.

During this lecture participants were acquainted with information, how to cope with burnout at work using photography as a possibility to relax. How photography helps to develop social and personal skills. They have got written summary of the lecture with photography tips, to read about it whenever they need it. They learnt about composition, rule of thirds, sometimes to see the situation as well as a photo object - is enough to change the "point of view" - angle from where you are looking, how to take a beautiful landscape picture and how to pose and take a picture while traveling.

I gave one task before the theoretical part of the meeting - to take a piece of cake and to decorate it in a plate. By using all provided things for decoration, they had to create a tasty looking photogaphy object and to take a picture of it. This, 2 in 1 task proved that we do see the same things in a different way and each of us have different level of creativity. For participants it was very interesting to observe each others work.

The most important, given information and time being together made happy all participants, some of them even decided to come back to more serious photography and to buy cameras, as phone is not enough anymore. For me it was pleasure to see satisfied faces, it is always good when people make nice pictures, make themselves and others happy and share that happiness with others.

“While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. My main task was to introduce photography as an opportunity to cope with burnout at work. After this lecture, I am sure the participants  know that they are able to develop their creativity level through photography.