This project is administered by a group of seven organisations and funded by Erasmus. 

Our work includes identifying and strengthening links across the wider community of people with expertise related to addiction. This includes health and social workers, people in recovery, academics and trainers, and artists who work with people in addiction.

Arts & Health South West is an information, support and advocacy organisation in England for everyone who believes in the value of creativity in enhancing health and wellbeing.

Asilo Bianco is a working platform to regrow forgotten places and to germinate the culture of a territory by the seeds of contemporary art. Asilo Bianco was born to create magic and poetic worlds, starting from the comparison with waste. Asilo Bianco promotes contemporary culture; organises cultural events and training courses; manages culturally relevant locations;participates in projects aimed at enhancing the cultural patrimony of the area. Asilo Bianco is art, culture, literature and education.

The "Casa dei Giovani" is a not for profit and therapeutic community in Italy that gives human and psychosocial supports to people affected by addiction. They run three residential centres, a youth programme, a workshop, and a 'socio-occupational reintegration' programme. They deliver work to prevent addiction, care for those affected (including familities of addicts) and rehabilitate addicts.

The Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development designs education materials and programmes for promoting, developing and using human potentials in a more holistic and sustainable way. The organisation brings together inputs from practise and applied research. The organisation and its staff has coordinated or been involved in more than 40 EU projects.

'The House of the Image' is a cultural centre dedicated to images based in Grenoble, France. They provide training and internships in image media techniques, support artists, and run tailored mediation projects which use photography and media tools.

Mano Guru is a restaurant in Vilnius Lithuania with a partnership with a regional NGO founded by the city,
Vilnius Center for Addictive Disorders and UAB Viršupis in 2002. Mano Guru run a very successful recovery and rehabilitation programme grounded in employability skills and experience, new social networks, and confidence building

Portraits of Recovery is a UK based, international visual arts and education charity. The organisation’s work supports people and communities affected by and in recovery from substance misuse to open up new ways of knowing and looking at the subject by working with contemporary visual art and artists.

Vilnaeus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences in Vilnius Lithuania is an internationally recognised institution of Higher Education that particularly is combining labour market needs with the development of promising areas of science and art.

The project is funded by ERASMUS +