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The Team


This project is administered by a group of seven organisations and funded by Erasmus. 

Our work includes identifying and strengthening links across the wider community of people with expertise related to addiction. This includes health and social workers, people in recovery, academics and trainers, and artists who work with people in addiction.

Agnė Bykova

Agne is a project manager and researcher. She has more than eight years experience in writing, managing, administrating and implementing various projects, funded from EU. She also teaches a range of skills to people in socially excluded groups. She has a Master‘s degree in international communication. She has good skills working and communicating with people in addiction and recovery and those reintegrating after prison. She particularly does this with those who work in the Vilnius salad bar “Mano Guru”.

Alex Coulter

Alex has been Director of Art & Health South West since 2010. Before that she managed the Arts in Hospital project at Dorset County Hospital for 13 years and worked as a freelance arts and health consultant in the acute and primary care sectors. And before that she was an artist! As part of her role with AHSW she represents the region on the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing and provides the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing. She studied Art History at the Courtauld Institute, Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and for an MSc in Management Development at Bristol University. She lives in Oxford with her husband, the writer Gijs van Hensbergen, and has three children.

Anne-Clémence de Grolée

Anne is a visual artist born in Paris. She studied fine arts at the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts in Nantes (F) and graduated in 1989. She has lived and worked in Italy since 1994 when she won an allocation de recherche et de séjour à l’étranger of the French Ministère de la Culture for a project in Bologna. She settled in Palermo and works on researching the memory and transformations of the Mediterranean culture. She has made artistic experiments on the construction and destruction of expanding towns in Sicily (installations in situ, photography and graphic work), relating to the effects of abusivismo, the anthropological mutations and the recent loss of antique knowledge and abilities. She has also always been interested by female archetypes, crossing over her personal biography and intimacy with Mediterranean myths and developing site specific projects.: for Farm Cultural Park (Favara) in 2012, she worked with the community about the transmission of collective memory. www.degrolee.info

Aurelija Kūgytė

Aurelija is a lecturer of Psychology at Vilnius kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania). She has been working as the project administrator and pays attention to the needs of the project group and each person’s potential. She thinks Art creates an opportunity to admire differences among people. “Art and Social Change” focuses on good mental health of health-care workers and on better life quality in long-term recovery.

Catherine West

Catherine is the founder of Significant Seams CIC, a social enterprise that uses textiles and craft to build community and support people in vulnerable life moments. She is also a practicing artist and a Fellow of the RSA. She is supporting the project's 'Community of Practice' work - helping build our community.

Céline Bresson

After a master's degree in Art History, Celine started to work in cultural heritage. She founded "Histoires de ...", a cultural association working for, promoting and discovering heritage, and worked there for 9 years. Then she started to work for the local authorities on Sud grésivaudan where she developed an intercultural program with Maghreb countries. She is the director of Maison de l’Image of Grenoble since 2014.

Elisa Fulco 

Elisa works as an art curator and consultant for cultural projects in the field of contemporary art, outsider art and historical company. She was the curator of the Fondazione Borsalino, consultant for Assolombarda and Museimpresa, the Italian national association of archives and  company museums and the curator of Acrobazie Project for several years (2004-2011). Promoted by UniCredit Group, Acrobazie was focused on the relationship between contemporary artists and outsider artists inside the psychiatric hospital of San Colombano al Lambro (MI). She currently teaches Brand Heritage and Social Companies Responsability in different master courses and schools (Master Economia della Cultura, Torvergata, Roma, Scuola Holden, Torino, Fondazione Fitsitc, Bologna etc.) and work as a consultant for Historical Companies. For the European Project “Art and  social change”, she is working as italian art curator on the creation of learning labs for health care staff, selecting the contemporay artist for the training and collecting materials  for a future publication of the project.

Costanza Arena is a freelance videomaker. She was born in Palermo in 1988. With a great passion for cinema theory and practice and movies in general, she decided to dedicate her studies in this field and she’s graduated in Audio/Video & Multimedia from the Fine Art School “Accademia di Belle Arti” (Palermo). She has more than five years experience as a freelance cameraman, editor and colourist for small films, advertisements and documentaries. Since 2016 she started work as art director and content producer for a web agency based in Palermo.

Enrica Borghi

Enrica is a visual artist with a wide international experience in exhibitions and workshops.
 In 1990 she was awarded an MA degree, with a specialisation in sculpture from the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, where she studied under the direction of Alik Cavaliere. In 2008 she was selected for “The Planetary Collegium” Ph.D. M-node in collaboration with the University of Plymouth and the NABA Nuova Accademia Belle Arti of Milan. In 2005 she founded and became the president of Asilo Bianco, a Cultural Centre dedicated to the cultural development of the territory between Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore through the arts.
 Among her exhibitions and projects: Castello di Rivoli (Turin), Luci d'artista (Turin, Salerno), Galleria d'Arte Moderna (Bologna), MAMAC (Nice), Musèe des Beaux-Artes (Bordeaux), Triennale (Milan), Estorick Collection (London)

Francesca Gattoni

Francesca lives and works in Ameno – Piedmont- Italy. She graduated in Literature and Philosophy at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan- with a degree in Organization of Cultural Events, in the same University attended History of Art and Archeology with a degree in Contemporary Art, advisor Prof . Francesco Tedeschi. Master at Fondazione Fitzcarraldo -Turin - for Managers of Cultural Projects. She has published critical essays in catalogs and art magazines.

Gaetana Nuccia Cammara

Nuccia is a social worker of the Palermo ASP (Public Health Organization) and province. She works in the Mental Health Department in the field of rehabilitation and social inclusion of pathological dependencies. She is also a photographer and since 2007 has started personal artistic research, focusing mainly on the psychological content of images and facing emotional boundaries through self-portrait. She uses the camera as a self-narration tool in her work with drug addicts and fragile people. In 2010 she designed and was project manager of "Palermo: uno sguardo a fuoco", funded by the Italian Ministry of Health, for 25 drug addicts in  treatment in ASP Drug Addiction Services. The project focused on the use of the camera in the socio-rehabilitative processes. She holds seminars at the University on the therapeutic use of the camera through the "Biographical photo-story". In the field of prevention with the teens (high schools, minor migrants, and minors of pediatric oncology), she conducts workshops with participatory photography methodology using the smartphone as a tool for self-exploration and facilitating communication with young people.

Gaetano Lo Piparo

Gaetano graduated in Economics and Business, Master in Europroject Management. He is currently managing director of Casa dei Giovani Organization (with different activities for different targets)  and in Art and Social Change he is responsible for controlling the administrative area and financial reporting. He lives and works in Bagheria (Italy).

Gerd Zimmer

Gerd is the lead partner for Art & Social Change Intellectual Output 3 “Development of CPD Training Course Framework – a training course framework for health workers”.  Gerd is the President and Senior Researcher of pro-kompetenz. He holds a PhD in pedagogy and adult education and has carried out research in Adult Education and Vocational Training. Since June 2004, as President of pro-kompetenz, his main activities have been related to human resources development, knowledge management and learning for innovation, as well as for providing sound pedagogical input related to new learning environments. Gerd has coordinated or been involved in about 45 European projects and is a recognised expert for Quality Management and formative evaluation from projects carried out in charge of the German Ministry of Research and Education. His professional expertise in Art & Social Change is based on 40 years of experience in training,  learning material development and provision of pedagogic and didactic input. For  pro-kompetenz, an institute of applied research, the impact of art as part of professional competence and as a tool for social change is innovative and of high interest.

Giorgio Caione

Giorgio is a curator and photographer based in Italy. He obtained a BA in Arts at University of Eastern Piedmont and a MA in Contemporary Art at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Since 2007 he's been collaborating with Asilo Bianco Association and several cultural international instituitions. From 2014 to 2017 he lived in Istanbul (Turkey) where he taught Photography at Istanbul Technical University and run the independent art space PASAJ.

Kate McCoy

Kate is  a theatre maker, facilitator and trainer who creates performances, workshops and  events  that are playful and curious. She co-create with participants and has a twenty five year track record of work that includes setting up an arts and social care organisation working creatively with homeless young men and developing a range of artistic programmes in prisons, mental health and drug use and recovery settings. In 2013 she completed an MA in Performance and Visual Practices and in 2018 she will begin a practice based PHD at The University of Manchester. She is currently working with Cascade Creative Recovery in Brighton, most recently directing a show in The Brighton Fringe Festival 2017. She is also Associate Director of Brighton People’s Theatre and in the Autumn we will be touring our show about austerity “Tighten Our Belts” to venues in the South of England. In addition to  teaching at Manchester and Brighton  Universities, other recent projects include work with TiPP, Clean Break, The African Prisons Project, St Mungos, Safe Ground, Root Experience Theatre, Nabokov Theatre and Brighton Women’s Centre.

Loredana Longo

Loredana is an Italian multitalented artist and performer. She creates installations with different techniques: video, photography, sculpture and scenography. For many years she is been working on a concept that she defines as “ Aesthetics of the destruction “. In 2005 she makes a work series: The Explosions, real theatrical sets where she builds middle-class interiors to let them explode and then perfectly rebuild them. After that, other series as  “Floors” follow; they are  cement floors where she incorporates different objects as a complaint of the massive use of the impoverished cement in Sicily. In the last years her work is oriented through social and political issues with performances and installations, documented by videos and photographies. Her favorite medium is fire.


Marianna Martino

Marianna got a degree in Letters and philosophy in Italy. After attending a training in euro planning, she moved to France. Interested in art and social issue she develops educational projects to make art accessible to everyone. She works at Maison de l'Image of Grenoble since 2014 as project manager and on communication.

Mark Prest
Mark is a curator, recovery activist and a man in recovery; an experience which instigated a shift in his curatorial practice to working within a social context. He has 25 years experience as an art’s professional, developing a nationally recognised visual arts/exhibitions programme during his time at The City Gallery, Leicester. His personal insight into the subject of addiction & recovery combined with his arts background brings with it a unique perspective to the subject. In 2011 he founded Portraits of Recovery, an international visual arts charity based in the UK. The organisation’s work supports people and communities, affected by and in recovery from substance misuse through the emancipatory re-framing of addiction and recovery identities by working with contemporary visual art and artists. PORe believes that the arts & culture can be transformational in and of themselves. Its vision and intent is to improve the lives of people and communities in recovery by increasing access to cultural opportunity. A central aim is to facilitate contribution to an emergent cultural identity.

Milda Kuskienė Milda holds Master’s degree in Nursing. Currently is working with hematology-oncology patients. Has a 4-year experience as a lecturer at Vilnius kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health Care. The subject she teaches is therapeutic and geriatric nursing. She believes that participation in this project will provide new experience and an opportunity to explore interesting subjects.

Nico Bonomolo

Nico is an Italian artist born in Palermo in 1974. He lives and works in Bagheria. After completing a law degree, he dedicated himself full time and self-taught to painting, graphics and drawing, focusing his research on the relationship between photography and painting. His works are part of several private collections and are present in the permanent collection of the Museo Guttuso in Bagheria. They are also part of the Archives on Contemporary Art (SACS) of the Regional Polo on Contemporary Art at the Museo Riso in Palermo. He started to work in animation film in 2008, collaborating in cinematic and advertising productions and producing four short flms: Lorenzo Vacirca (2008), Fur Hat (2012), Detours (2015) and Confno (2016). His films have been selected in many of the world's leading film festivals, obtaining prestigious awards such as the Bruce Corwin Award at the Best Animated Short Film at the Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival, which has qualified him for the Oscars 2018, the Gryphon Award and the Amnesty International Award at Gifoni Experience, an Italian Golden Globe nomination, a Special Mention at the Nastri d'Argento, and the NICE Award at the Taormina Film Festival. He collaborates with the Locarno Film Festival by holding animation film workshops for the Locarno Kids section. www.nicobonomolo.com

Paola Fornara

Paola graduated in Philosophy with a thesis on the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard and cinema. She has collaborated with the Turin Film Festival and the Turin GLBT Film Festival. For many years she worked for one of the leading independent Italian music labels, for which she was Head of International and Marketing. She collaborates with the Asilo Bianco Association since 2011.

Reda Sutkuvienė

Reda is the General director at NGO Social Support Projects.  She has more than 14 years practice running salad bar “Mano Guru.” Mano Guru aims to integrate persons from social risk groups into society. Reda has substantial experience  working with socially excluded groups, (including those reintegrating after prison, people in addiction, people with disabilities, homeless, and socially vulnerable families), implementing and managing European projects,  developing social business, and participating in international projects. Reda also gives lectures on informal education and the “Mano guru” reintegration model.

Sandrine Nicoletta

Sandrine is an Italian artist and performer with a background in the social field.  She graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy, participated in many artists-in-residence programs and completed her Master in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, London, UK. She has been working for 20 years in research and artistic practice in public places, international exhibitions, and art projects. Her work derives from a critical analysis of human beings, how they relate to each other, with the environment and amongst themselves. It combines a range of media, including performance, photography, video, and sound installation with sculptural interventions. In her work, participants play an active role, through curiosity, questioning and discovering the different possibilities existence offers beyond the boundaries of official approval. In 2014, with Valentina Miorandi, she founded DRIFTERS, an artist’s duo. She teaches Multimedia at the University of Fine Arts in Palermo. www.sandrinenicoletta.com

Sue Isherwood

Sue runs an independent cultural consultancy –C3, specialising in strategy development, leading change and facilitation for problem solving across the culture and voluntary sectors. For 11 years she worked in local government, developing cultural strategy and delivering major programmes around creative industries, arts education and rural regeneration. She is currently managing Leading Learning, a leadership programme for senior culture and leisure services officers on behalf of the National Culture Forum. From 2002 to 2007 she was Chair and Strategic Lead for the National Association of Local Government Arts Officers (nalgao – now Arts Development UK). She is particularly passionate about getting people to participate in art in any way that works for them. She is Chair of Art and Health South West .

Theo Stickley

Theo is Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham. He has worked in Arts & Health for twenty years in both developing practice and research. He initiated the 10-year Arts on Prescription programme in Nottingham and four years ago, set up the Nottingham People’s Choir. He is widely published and his books include Qualitative Research in Arts and Mental Health (2012) and Arts, Health and Wellbeing A Theoretical Inquiry (published in August 2017). He has researched and evaluated many arts and health projects and he is also an expert on mentahealth recovery. As well as a prolific writer, he is also a practising artist.

Viktorija Kielaitė

Viktorija is a lecturer at Vilnius Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences. Viktorija holds Master‘s degree in Nursing and is a licensed nurse. She is a member of Lithuanian University Education Nurses Assotiation and (the Lithuanian) Psichooncology Assotiation. She applies creative methods while working with the students in her lectures.